The Imre Égerházi scholarship of 2016 – Received by the 14th student

Lilla Tóth, who graduated from Dóczy High School this year, took sixth place in the national high school fine arts competition, awarded with this year’s Imre Égerházi Scholarship.

The award, given 12 times until today (there was a double awarding, also), was received on Friday from the son of the painter, died in 2001. Péter Égerházi gave the award at the Dóczy Gallery. The fact that not only students of the fine arts have talent in this institution was empahsised by Zsigmond Gyönyörű, a 9th grade student, with a folk music performance and some stage fright.

Afterwards, Deputy Director Istvánné Tankó briefly described the history of the Scholarship, and then, unlike at previous ceremonies, this year’s winner was not presented by László Buka, a painting and drawing teacher, but by Lilla Tóth, a student at the University of Theology.

She told she loved to draw from early childhood, and after primary school she thought that she would go to a high school with such a specialty, but Dóczy did not prove to be a bad choice either, where she took the drawing faculty in the last year and graduated. An “imprint” of this was also visible among the works exhibited in the gallery.

(Source: Hajdú Online)

Égerházi Art Scholarship 2016, Dóczy High School of the Reformed Church, Debrecen

Tóth Lilla 12.B

We would love to have more students like her… but there’s only a few of them. I can only tell you great things about her.
As a human:
Kind, well-meaning, good-hearted, silent, peaceful, humble, straight, honest, trustworthy. Not one for façade, not one for pompousness, and has a sensitive soul.
As an artist:
More of a graphic artist, creating detailed surafces, and she is full of ideas, has a steady hand, and creates easily and with love. She finished Art class with a straight A. Whoever she’s going to be, she’ll be a gift wherever she’ll stay.
I believe this.
I wish this for her.

László Buka
painter and art teacher