The Égerházi family is trying to handle, promote and help research the artistic legacy of Imre Égerházi, with the utmost care. News about major events following the artist’s passing were collected in the news archive.

Books, Catalogues

I try to nurture the artistic legacy of Imre Égerházi as carefully as possible. I am constantly researching, cataloging, and perpetuating his works for posterity in a professional way.
Reproductions are presented in the best printable quality so that they are immediately available at any time. With the help of these photos of paintings and family archive documents, I try to create catalogs of the best possible quality related to the exhibitions I organize, both in terms of make and substance.
Exhibitions organized and managed by me are usually grouped around a theme, since in the art of Imre Égerházi characteristic thematic groups of works and technical eras can be distinguished. We organized an exhibition of paintings from Transylvania and the Great Hungarian Plain, works born abroad, works related to religion and co-arts, pictures presenting Debrecen, and more. I drew the exhibition material from the widest range of owners I know, spending time and effort to solicit artwork from governmental and private institutions, museums, municipalities, companies, and individuals.
To compile the catalogs, I asked art historians and experts working in the Hungarian National Gallery well acquainted this outstanding figure of the 20th century Great Hungarian Plain painting scene, such as Balázs Feledy, Gábor Prókai (PhD) and Loránd Bereczky (PhD), just to name a few. Usually they opened the specific exhibitions.
The catalogs (available in PDF) can be purchased in high-quality printing from Gramy, Ltd. offices at 40 Ráday Street, Budapest, Hungary.

Budapest, 29th June 2020
Attila Égerházi

Imre Égerházi scholarship

In accordance with the will of the artist, who died in a tragic accident on November 14, 2001, his sons announced the Imre Égerházi Scholarship for the first time in 2004/05 as a result of a good relationship with the Dóczy Grammar School of the Debrecen Reformed College and its deputy director, Lajos Arany. Given every 2nd of September, on the anniversary of the painter’s birth, by the student who performs best in the field of fine arts in the previous school year, and suggested by the school’s art teacher, László Buka. The annual award ceremony, held in a ceremonial setting, is hosted by the Dóczy Gallery, opened in 2004 on the third floor, filled with paintings by Imre Égerházi.