Imre Égerházi Scholarship 2013 – New scholarship awardees in the Dóczy High School

Debrecen – This year is the 9th time the best of fine arts students received this scholarship.

It is now the third occasion that the Imre Égerházi Scholarship, founded by his heirs in memory of the painter, who passed away in 2001, has been awarded to two students. The scholarship can be awarded to students who achieved the most outstanding results in the previous academic year at the Dóczy Gedeon High School.
This year, Fanni Makleit (8th grader) and Szilárd Benjamin Turányi (9th grader), received financial support to promote their further development and encourage their progress in fine arts. On Tuesday morning, in the ceremonial hall of the school, Péter Égerházi presented the diplomas of recognition in a ceremonial setting.

Péter Égerházi

9th Imre Égerházi Scholarship

10-09-13, Tuesday, ante meridiem

10th Award Ceremony, fall 2014: Exhibition of Liliann Lekics, Balázs Hadházi, and Tibor Papp (planned)

Selecting the awardee is an all-time great question, a kind of “all or nothing” situation, as our essential target is the obscured future. Effects of this year’s award is also shrouded in mystery, one that will be revealed only in the future; was the awardee the perfect choice, or did the opportunity of theirs simply fade away? We had both in the past 8 years (with our 9 awardees), so therefore next year 3 exceptional students will show their works before the audience at Dóczy; and then, even more will come! This year’s awardees, our hopeful artists are Fanni Makleit (8th grader) and Szilárd Turányi (9th grader); another double award for us, after the previous 3. So, this ceremony is about hope, the hope of these artists will continue their journey of constant creation and realization.
Their works on exhibition are the evidence of them walking this journey, and that is why this year’s award goes to them!

– Dóczy newspaper front cover
– County Drawing Competition 2nd place (while she was ill)
– Winner of various national competitions
– member of Digital Photography and Drawing Classes
– he’s sharp even when ill, a great searcher, observer, and experimenter
– participated in the County Drawing Competition

A very special thanks to the founders of the Scholarship, and our donors!

Debrecen, Fall 2013
László Buka