The Imre Égerházi scholarship of 2015 – this year’s winner ‘Paints with light’

This was the 11th time the art scholarship was awarded in the Dóczy.

Botond Pataki, a 10th grader, earlier a painter and drawer, got hold of a camera 3 years ago and decided that his way of art is to ‘paint with light’. And his talent is verified by the fact that László Burka, his art teacher, nominated him for the 2015 Imre Égerházi Scholarship, which he received Friday at the Daróczy High School.

The scholarship, now awarded for the 11th time, was created by the heirs of the painter from Debrecen, who died in a tragic accident in 2001, with ceremonies held at the Dóczy High School of the Debrecen Reformed Church to reward the best performers in the previous academic year. So far, it has been awarded to 13 former Dóczys students, because there was a year when two of them deserved it, and the sculptor, Balázs Hadházi, who has been spreading his wings since then, was twice among those selected. Péter Égerházi presented this year’s winner, Botond Pataki, with a diploma of recognition at a solemn event held at the Dóczy Gallery.

Source: Hajdú Online

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