Imre Égerházi Scholarship 2020 – The 18th scholarship holder is Hanna Gyurján

The 18th scholarship holder is Hanna Gyurján


This year, for the 18th time, we were able to present the Imre Égerházi Scholarship at the Dóczy Grammar School to the student who gave the best performance in the field of fine arts in the previous academic year. Of particular importance for this is the fact that the tradition did not have to be interrupted due to the COVID-19 epidemic. As once two scholarships were given in the same year, this year’s winner Hanna Gyurján, a student of László Buka, is the 18th to receive the certificate from Péter Égerházi at the Dóczy Gallery.

The short ceremony began with the singing of 10th grade student Sára Schmidt, after which the attending were greeted by Director Katalin Czapp. Following the words of painting and drawing teacher László Buka, this year’s winner was introduced to the audience. Hanna Gyurján (11th class) said that her love of drawing can be traced back to her preschool years, followed by attending various drawing competitions and winning national awards during primary school.
She is interested in all branches of the fine arts, one of his favorite painters being Van Gogh (an interesting fact considering he was also a beloved artist of Imre Égerházi).
The young woman stated that so far she only copied drawings, but her dream is to become a graphic artist, for which she is eager to master the basics of the craft at an art vocational school to be admitted to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts.

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