Égerázi-meeting for the past, present and future

The members of the Égerházi family last met in 1999 in Hajdúhadház, supplemented by the still living members of the Egerházi family, as the family tree research after the first meeting two years earlier revealed that the two has common origins. The past leads back to the Mezőbánd in Transylvania, in the 1300s, when the eponymous Egerháza melted into it. The new, now third meeting was hosted by the Pál Móricz Local History Museum in Hajdúnánás on Saturday, where the members of the large family talked about past, present and future among the woodworks of the sculptor László Égerházy.

After 17 years comes the third
The Égerházi family is in an easy position, as anyone who lives with such a name, or Egerházi, will be greeted as a close relative by all members. The former small Transylvanian settlement, Egerháza, which merged into Mezőbánd in 1300, is the oigin of the name of the family, with such an entry the famous ancestors received their noble diplomas from the Transylvanian princes. They were also remembered by the descendants living today, who gathered in Hajdúnánás on Saturday after the two meetings in Hajdúhadháza before the turn of the millennium to take stock of the changes that had taken place in almost two decades.

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