Dr. Miklós Bényei, Hajdú-Bihari Napló, 1980. II. 27.

“His creations are made individual and attractive primarily by his choice of theme, refined style, disciplined editing method, inner harmony and altruism.”

“The paintings carry all the characteristic features of Imre Égerházi’s art. They reflect his ability to portray his picturesque experience, what he has to say concisely, emphasizing the essence, leaving out everything unnecessary.
He has consistently built himself a pictorial world. He sincerely identifies with his themes and has found individual, modern means of expression. He created a special inner unity and order in his paintings, the two basic features of his style are clarity and intelligibility. Through the subtlety of the colors, the clarity of the lines and the drawing, and the precise and complete workmanship of the surface, his paintings provide a pleasant sight and makes you immerse.”

Dr. Miklós Bényei
Hajdú-Bihari Napló, 1980. II. 27.