Dr. Imre Lázár, Hajdú-Bihari Napló, 12th May 1970

“…Representation in the plane gets pictorial depth from the way he places the line-delimited colors and fields and spots next to or over each other in the composition. This, in turn, increases the decorative Art Nouveau character of the paintings, albeit with deeply tuned colors.
Not some dramatic figure. A contemplative, meditating man. Moderate in the simplification, stylization and abstracting of the forms, he only goes as far as shedding all frills that are considered unnecessary, but the unique character and style and recognizability of objects, landscape, and man remains after this compression. Imre Égerházi works with many different techniques. He creates graphics, engravings, watercolors, monotypes. Most famous are his oil paintings…”

Dr. Imre Lázár
Hajdú-Bihari Napló, 12th May 1970