The gallery took the name of Imre Égerházi

Hortobágy. As a painter and leader of the Hortobágy Creative Camp, he did a lot to introduce the name of the settlement to the world. These were the words Mayor Andrásné Vincze on Thursday, justifying the decision of the Board of Representatives last year to name the gallery located in the building next to the inn after Imre Égerházi.
After the folk songs performed by Ildikó Bárdos and Miklós Molnár, Deputy Mayor Zoltán Gencsi remembered the times when Hortobágy was still overrun by artists, something that happened 2 years ago, last time.
After the outdoor ceremony, the program continued in the gallery, where an exhibition of Hortobágy-themed paintings of Imre Égerházi, died in 2001, opened, which can be visited until September 30.

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