Imre Égerházi’s paintings are timeless. Even today, they testify to the importance of capturing the human face. There is order in the paintings of the artist, who passed away in 2001. Landscape and man are inseparable: the landscape exudes serenity, and in this serenity man is always the protagonist. Balázs Feledy says in the catalog of the exhibition: “For example, he never painted detailed portraits full of meticulousness, but was always a believer in compact, concise solutions. We almost live the story of his life with what is depicted. ”

All of the paintings are an honest confession from a talent who never wanted to undertake big shifts; that is, in his words, 180-degree turns. He said, “I try to be modern with little things. Since I was born Hungarian, if I were a writer, I would write in Hungarian, if I were a musician, I would also rely on traditions, so I find it natural that these can be found in my painting. I like to draw and paint the landscapes of Hajdúság, Hortobágy and Transylvania the most. ”

The artist, born in 1925, started from Hajdúhadház, began his career as a self-taught student, and his family circumstances did not even allow him to study in college. His paintings are now known in many places in the world, and he also traveled from Japan to New York with his works, but Europe and Hungary remained the most interesting landscapes for him.

Ibolya Moldován
Hegyvidék, 07-02-2007