I have been drawing since I was six. My first tool was a gift from the Swiss Red Cross, a box of greasy pastel chalk of six colors. When it ran out, I drew with a slate rod, a soaked piece of brick, pieces of lead and charcoal, ink, and all sorts of pencils, chalk, chopsticks, pens, and a brush. I was also happy to sketch with a monotype.
Wherever I went – in domestic or foreign landscapes – with few exceptions, I “took notes”.
I also alleviated many boring meetings and discussions by drawing. I later made paintings based on some of these sketches. I made many drawings about Transylvania, Hajdúság and Hortobágy. What I drew was usually decided by what drawing tool was at my fingertips at the time.
Sometimes the tool was selected because of the theme in question.
At first, I enjoyed toning, coloring my pencil drawings with watercolors, and skifted inklines.
I never liked pastel. I barely drew anything with it, but rather enjoyed working with any other drawing tools.

Imre Égerházi