Hajdú Bihari Napló article, Hortobágy Creative Camp exhibition opening, 1982

Debrecen (HBN) – The Hortobágy Creative Camp has been accepting members since 1982. Many Hungarian and foreign artists are still welcome at the inn, and this time many painters have undertaken to formulate the experience of the plains. For two years now, Hungarian artists living in neighbouring countries have been able to join the camp in increasing numbers.

An exhibition of the works of these foreign “Hortobágyi people” was held at the József Attila Cultural House of the Trade Unions.

The following artists were selected: Gilbert Lupfer (France), Reija Remes (Finland), Willy Van Beck, Ineke Verheggen (Netherlands), Hunor Gyurkovics, Sándor Torok (Yugoslavia), Bronja Weierstahl (Germany), Antonio Moschioni (Italy), András Gaál, Zoltán Kedei, Árpád Márton, György Szép (Romania), Wilhelmson Brittmari, Thomas Aberg, Patrik Instedt, Karin Jacobsson, Kerstin Nilimaa, Lena Roning (Sweden), József Babinec, Péter Földessy, Zoltán Micska (Ukraine), Attila Duncsák (Czech Republic and Slovak Republic).

The joint exhibition was recommended by László Gazda, director of the Déri Museum, yesterday at 4 p.m. (58 Piac St, 1st floor), open until February 29, daily from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

The opening ceremony held on 20 February 1982