Memorial column in the memorial house, 2009

The memorial wooden column was made of more than a hundred-year-old lightning-struck pine from Göd, made by the wood carver Gábor Nagy, also from the city, in memory of the painter Imre Égerházi, who died in a tragic accident in 2001.

Mayor László Béres, together with his creator, presented the memorial tree in connection with the Country Days celebrations, in the memorial house of the artist, who was always proud of his birthplace, Debrecen. In his speech, the Mayor pointed out that the anniversary of the death of an honorary citizen of the city was just a few days earlier than the day before, so the municipality decided to make the uncovering of the memorial column a part of the program series.

Prior to the uncovering, the municipality, several local organizations, and the artist’s two sons, Imre and Péter, placed a wreath on the outer wall of the memorial house. The commemorators then marched to the memorial column in the hall.

Gábor Nagy, rushed by emotions due to the quote of Áron Tamási, chosen by himself and was engraved in wood, who is well acquainted with Imre Égerházi, said that he donated one of the other two works (made of six pieces of old pine) to the municipality of his hometown and the other to the city of Göd.

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Interview with Gábor Nagy wood carver