A memorial column was erected on County Day

Gábor Nagy made another work in memory of Imre Égerházi and for the locals.

Gábor Nagy (from Göd) dedicated this memorial column, which was inaugurated on Monday in the courtyard of the artist’s memorial house, to the native and honorary citizen of the city, painter Imre Égerházi, who died 9 years ago, and to the residents of Hajdúhadház.

After unveiling the column, the creator said he carved symbols in the wood that characterize the settlement. Thus, on one side, a cabbage tub can be seen, an oak tree symbolizing the forests near the city, beneath a chair as a product that can be made from it. On the other side the protected plant of the local grove was carved by the master, under it a wreath of wheat, and on the third side the grape press and the wine show the typical activities of the local farmers. The neck guard and the mace symbolize the militancy, as the descendants of the Hajdús of Bocskai live in the town.

As part of the agenda of the County Days programs, before the erection of the column, those gathered, including Mayor Dénes Csáfordi, wreathed the artist’s memorial plaque, then, in the János Földi Gallery, attended the praiseworthy words of the painter János Komiszár about the works of this year’s László Holló Prize-winning photojournalist Katalin Horváth and Imre Égerházi.

Afterwards, the art teachers of János Földi Primary School, Andrea Molnár (flute), Éva Toldi (percussion), Judit Dancs (piano accompaniment) and Péter Pozsonyi (trombone) gave a short program. Finally, the exhibitors looked at the works offered at the December 4 auction to raise money for restoring the Égerházi Memorial House, which was damaged in the memorable June storm.

Debrecen, November 22, 2010
Péter Égerházi
Hajdú-Bihari Napló

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