At an exhibition of Holló Award-winners

An exhibition of works by artists who received the prize founded in 1987 in memory of the painter László Holló, born in 121 years ago, including Imre Égerházi, was organized (and recently concluded) at the HBZ Gallery in Debrecen.

The exhibition, held in the company’s extraordinary building on Galamb Street, features works by 22 artists through April 30th. The opening of the exhibition was performed by dr. Ferenc Vitéz, also a László Holló Prize-winning art writer, recalled that the prize, founded in memory of the artist who lived in Debrecen from 1914 on the centenary of his birth, has been received by about half a hundred so far, half of them artists. The painter Imre Égerházi, whose memorial room in László Holló has been in Hajdúhadház since November 2007, received the award, named after his friend and tutor, in 1995.

The opening of the exhibition also provided an opportunity to present this year’s László Holló Award and diplomas. This year, graphic artist and painter Antal Lovas Kiss received the award, while the mayor of László Béres, the mayor of Hajdúhadház, did a great deal for the worthy preservation of the memory and artistic heritage of Imre Égerházi, this time receiving a diploma for cultivating the Holló-legacy.

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