Gallery, Egry József Hall, Nagykanizsa, May 8, 1986

Registration label of an exhibited painting
Article from the Hajdú-Bihari Napló, published on May 8, 1986

An exhibition of the works of the painter IMRE ÉGERHÁZI was organized in the Egry József Hall in Nagykanizsa. The exhibition will be open from May 8 to 17.

Article from the Zalai Hírlap, published on May 9, 1986

An exhibition of the works of Imre Égerházi, a SZOT scholarship painter, opened in the Egry József Hall in Nagykanizsa yesterday afternoon. Visitors can view the exhibition until May 17th.

Campanile house
Flower still life with clock
Bench ramp
Hortobágy at winter
Horse watering
Sheafs in winter
Transylvanian landscape in winter
Round forest
Homestead in winter
Gate in Hajdúböszörmény
Shadoof in winter
Homestead in winter
Village in winter
Hortobágy (Mound)
Chapel of Csíksomlyó
Homestead with shadoof
Homestead in winter
Snowy village
Shadoof in the steppe at winter
Homestead in winter
Flower still life
Flower still life
Rooftops in Szentendre
Gate in Hajdúhadház
Homestead in summer
Fence, houses
Winter hillside
Houses in Verkhovyna
Lonely tree in winter
Winter homestead with sheafs
Houses among hills
Wintertime in Hortobágy

Égerházi Imre kiállított képei, Nagykanizsa, Képcsarnok, Egry József Terem, 1986.