…GREAT SKY! – Exhibition

Date: May 9 – June 14
Location: Kölcsey Center, Bény Árpád hall

…GREAT SKY! – Debrecen in resonance of painting art in the Hungarian Great Plain

Lajos Bíró often used the term “small land – big sky” as an explanation of the “itemized” basic position of painting characteristic of the Great Plain. Small-large, dark-light, cold-warm are the basic pairs of contrasts that provide the basis for visual-based image-building.

Árpád BÉNYI / Lajos BÍRÓ / CS. Tibor UHRIN / Imre ÉGERHÁZI / László FÉLEGYHÁZI / László HOLLÓ / János KAPCSA / Gusztáv KÁRPÁTI / Gyula MADARÁSZ / Zoltán MAGHY / Mihály MÓRÉ / Zoltán TAR / András TOPOR / Sándor TOROK

It is available from 10 May to 14 June 2014 (except Mondays) from 10 am to 7 pm.
The Kölcsey Center expands the exhibition by presenting a selection of artworks from the oeuvres of local artists.
As one of the main cultural events of the year, MODEM presents the painting of the Great Plain in a large-scale exhibition entitled “Great Plain – Not Just Landscape”, among others the works of Munkácsy, Mednyánszky, Csontváry, Tornyai, Koszta.