Famous artists were remembered in Hajdúhadház

Hajdúhadház – Paying respect to Imre Égerházi, a painter born in the city and one of his masters, László Holló, was honored on Country Days with a wreathing and a publication.

The life of the city was intricately connected with the fine arts for a few decades, thanks to the work of the painter Imre Égerházi, a local and then honorary citizen. The László Holló memorial room was opened in the memorial house that preserves the name of the artist who died in a tragic accident seven years ago, so visitors to the building on Földi János Street can meet the works of not one, but two famous artists.

The municipality also wanted to join the multi-settlement program series this year with a tribute to the memory of the artists. The invited guests and those interested first gathered at the memorial plaque placed on the wall of the house, where the László Holló Circle of Friends, the descendants of the artist, and the representatives of the municipality and cultural institutions wreathed.

The commemoration continued in the Holló Room, as the president of the circle of friends, Professor Zoltán Ujváry, before the wreathing of the artist’s statue, enriched the collection donated by him, consisting mainly of graphics. The poet-aesthetic Ferenc Vitéz spoke about the watercolor Csokonai in the Great Forest, and about the relationship between the poet, the artist who captured him, and János Földi, who once lived in the settlement. His words revealed that László Holló also made two paintings about Csokonai, but the work donated to the gallery cannot be considered their study.

The gift-giving part of the commemoration wasn’t over, as Gábor Nagy, a woodcarver from Göd, who also came from the city, donated four benches, and the painter János Komiszár from Debrecen donated the books written by him, partly about the two artists, to Mayor László Béres.

The range of publications processing the work of László Holló and Imre Égerházi was also expanded: on this occasion, Ferenc Vitéz’s book: Sight and Vision was published, which was presented to the published by art writer Lajos Arany. The publication, richly illustrated with their works, not only gives a cross-section of the artists’ legacy, but also a guide to viewing it.

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