Cherishing the memory of the city’s native and honorary citizen

Debrecen. This year, for our cultural values in Hajdúhadház, the Circle of Friends remembered the city’s native painter who died on November 14, 2001, not at the Imre Égerházi memorial house, but at his grave in the Debrecen Public Cemetery. At the event held on the morning of November 22, museologist Mária Korompainé Mocsnik recalled the laudable words of the artist and friend, Gyula Madarász, who has since passed away, at the funeral of Imre Égerházi. After that, László Béres, the former mayor of Hajdúhadház, gave a personal speech, in which he reminded that the artist, who had also been chosen as an honorary citizen of the city, showed the settlement to the world through foreign painters. He added that it is no longer possible to meet the selflessness that characterized Imre Égerházi. Memorials from the public cemetery first went to the recently opened exhibition of the László Holló Prize winners (including Imre Égerházi) to the Life Sciences Gallery, where the Holló Prize winning photographer Márta H. Csongrády held an exhibition tour and then the renovated memorial house of Imre Égerházi.

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