Imre Égerházi memorial house awaits visitors in Hajdúhadház

Renovated Memorial House opens on 22 November 2007

The city of Hajdúhadház has renovated the Imre Égerházi Memorial House, and the permanent exhibition will be open to the public in a more beautiful arrangement and supplemented with documents presenting the life of the painter. The material of the Memorial House was selected by the artist himself, and comprehensively presents his oil paintings from the age of 40, until his passing. Graphics and linocuts were included in the material of this renovated exhibition, courtesy of Attila Égerházi. The city plans to actively involve the Memorial House in education and the artistic life of the county. The grand opening will take place on November 22 at 2 p.m.

Address: 4242 Hajdúhadház, 23 Dr. Földi János St.

A renovated Imre Égerházi memorial house awaits visitors in Hajdúhadház, 2008

On the occasion of the County Days, the renovated memorial house of the painter Imre Égerházi was opened on November 22 in Hajdúhadház, in which the graphics of the artist’s former teacher, the painter László Holló, were also exhibited in a room.

The artist from Debrecen, who died in 2001, donated the paintings of his hometown decades ago, to be presented in a permanent exhibition in a house in which he created until his death. However, the condition of the old building has deteriorated so much over the years that it has become essential to renovate it. As Mayor László Béres said, the municipality, as well as the Földi János Library and the Hajdúhadház Gallery, renovated the house from their own resources for about HUF 500 000, in which a László Holló memorial room was also built.

At the reopening of the building on Földi János Street, the participants could see a new layout with the works of nearly a hundred paintings and other art donated to the city by Imre Égerházi, which were supplemented by the heirs. Following the rearrangement, a room in the house was vacated, where nearly 40 artworks by one of the artist’s former teacher and good friend, the painter László Holló, can be displayed.

The collection was initiated to the Hajdúhadház municipality by Professor Zoltán Ujváry from Debrecen. After the opening of art writer Ferenc Vitéz, the memorial room was inaugurated by the widow of the famous European artist, Olga Maksa Lászlóné Holló.

Address: H-4242 Hajdúhadház, 32 Dr. Földi János St.

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