Hortobágyi Alkotótábor 1999 – Dear Uncle Zoli!

I say goodbye to you on behalf of the domestic and foreign artists with whom you worked with at the Hajdúság International Artists’ Colony and the Hortobágy Creative Camp for many, many years. And on behalf of all artists, present or absent.
Fate was gracious to me because for 31 years in summer and 18 years in winter I could paint with you, we could be together, I could get to know you.
I saw you working in the streets, nooks and crannies of Hajdúböszörmény, in the wide border, on homesteads, in Hortobágy and in the studios.
You are still in front of me now as you stand and work in front of the easel. Nothing staggered, neither the scorching heat nor the freezing cold. You were consistent. I saw you write a slice of the 20th century, the chronicles of Hajdúság and Hortobágy, with your brush.
If, for some reason, everything were destroyed, and only your pictures and drawings would survive, posterity could learn from them what Hajdúság, Hortobágy, Hajdúböszörmény were like, and what the people living here were like. We loved you very much, for your pure humanity, for your helpfulness. For us, you were the link connecting the Hortobágy Colony, a dear old friend. First in the eatery, and later in the inn, we enjoyed listening to your recollections of your exalted teachers of art history, your former painter friends, and Hortobágy, the things of the world that you loved very much. We learned a lot from you.
Your behavior and diligence were role models for us.

Your oeuvre is over. There is nothing more.
Now it’s the turn of those who remain to appreciate it. Surely we who have painted so many summers and winters with you will never forget.
We will keep your memory in our hearts forever.
When we roam the streets of Böszörmény or walk in Hortobágy, when we paint, you will always be with us, we will remember you.

Rest in peace.

Speech at the funeral of Zoltán Maghy, on December 11, 1999, at the grave, by Imre Égerházi.